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CCNG™, and DLNG®™ Systems for Methane Fuels on Land or Sea

Methane fuels, CNG and LNG, are the new clean, low cost fuels for vehicles on land and sea. The infrastructure to deliver these fuels is small, but growing. ERA provides the Service of designing and selling Systems to overcome the challenges fueling with CNG and LNG often present. ERA Systems make fueling with natural gas easier, less costly, and environmentally cleaner all at the same time. specific problems handling CNG and LNG. the many boil off and "leaking points " in the production, delivery, storage, and handling of methane in all forms on land or sea.

What is CCNG™

CCNG™ Service and Systems deal only with CNG, a gas. Chilled Compressed Natural Gas, or CCNG™ Systems are used to reduce the temperature of standard CNG to reduce it's volume, lower it's pressure, and extend it's storage life. These features can deliver valuable benefits including quicker fuel tank filling time, greater storage capacity. Extended vehicle range is possible with a fully integrated Total CCNG™ Fueling System. Time is money, and wait time for CNG vehicle fuel filling is a big cost factor.. CCNG™ is an economical, cost saving way tore solve this cost problem.

What is DLNG®™

DLNG®™ Services and Systems treat liquid LNG, returning boil off gas to the LNG liquid state. Distributed Liquid Natural Gas Systems, or DLNG®™ Systems condition, preserve, and recover potentially lost LNG due to boil off, impurities building up over time in tanks, and warming. Use DLNG®™ Systems to lower fuel temperatures, reliquefy boilf off, and recover valuable fuel instead of flaring, venting, or losing. Meet Environmental regulations by preserving your fuel, not venting, or flaring warming fuel.

How do these Systems Work Together

This is the ultimate solution for achieving the cleanest, most economical, highest value natural gas fueling possible. Virtually all fueling systems of any fuel have some degree of leakage. Wth natural gas systems that leakage is almost always a gas. Combining the ability of CCNG™ and DLNG®™ permits the operator to either return escaping gas to LNG fuel, or CNG, depending on their balance of fuel usage as it may vary from time to time.